Our Investment Process

How we take your business to the next level

Objective and Investment Strategy

Our investment objective is to build a diversified South African portfolio of tech-enabled assets for investors by investing in best-in-class venture capital fund managers and enhancing our manager selection solution with a targeted and focussed co-investment and direct investment programme.

Who do we invest in?

South Africa’s venture capital potential has been largely overlooked despite offering a sophisticated environment, being the most advanced African economy, and having the deepest pool of high-quality talent on the continent. South African entrepreneurs and engineers are routinely capable of building global-grade technology products to at least the same standards as those found in the US, for up to 5x lower cost.

Fireball has researched the evolution of South Africa’s tech-enabled businesses.

We will focus our strategy to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Our manager selection solution and co-investment programme will focus on investing in tech-enabled businesses that have established:

  • Product-market fit
  • The ability to generate revenue
  • The ability to scale exponentially

We follow a disciplined investment process, taking an active role as an investor.

Primary Investments

Our continuous proactive engagement serves to drive a deeper understanding of the managers within our portfolio, the markets within which they operate and the critical success factors in the industry or region. Our primary investments are the venture capital partners that we support, relying on our proven systematic and disciplined investment process to select and monitor the best primary investments for the fund. Our invest process includes sourcing “institutionally investable” fund managers, conducting extensive due diligence, continuous monitoring and robust reporting. 


Fireball Capital has a robust and transparent investment process. We aim to execute transactions with speed and efficiency, whilst maintaining financial discipline. Our investment process includes sourcing, screening, due diligence, monitoring, reporting, and strategic value add.

  • Primary Investments
  • Co-Investments

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